Angel & Demon in Love Heart Symbol

110.00 $

1. Pattern: Angel & Devil Hearts
2. Size: 76×56 Centimeters. Accept size customize at different prices.
3. Color: default Left is Rose Red, Right is Purple. Accept color custom at the same price.
4. Installation (Default fixed on the wall by screw)

Flex LED neon sign is made of flexible silicone tubes with LED lights inside tubes that look like vintage glass neon signs. Flex LED neon sign is safe and non-frangible. It’s a better choice for text and logos. LED neon sign is recommended for weddings, events, parties, makeup, tattoo, bar, coffee, business store & home decoration, etc. It’s a handcrafted artist. You could make your dream sign with Neon Jungle .

Sign features:
1. Brand LED tubes and power adapter with certificate.
2. Safe material to use in Baby Room.
3. Come with a 150cm clear(white) cord.
4. Come with a suitable plug and adapter for your country.
5. Arrive safe warranty.
6. Very easy installation!

Package includes:
1. Finished Neon Sign x 1,
2. Suitable power adapter and plug.

1. How long will it take to make the sign.
All signs are ordered to make. Generally, We need 5-7 days to make it. It will be delayed if too many pending orders. Please contact us if you have estimate delivery date.

2. How long for shipping?
Default 1-3 days for standard shipping.

3. Do you accept return or cancellation after an order?
We do NOT accept customize LED neon sign returns or refunds. Please consider before ordering. Thanks for understanding.

4. I have a special requirement, can you do that for me?
All of our neon signs support customize. Please contact Neon Jungle Team.

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